Healthy feet are happy feet

Hello, I’m Sam James and I’m a professionally trained Foot Health Practitioner. I’ve trained and worked alongside professional Podiatrists in the NHS for many years as well as providing a private service for those who don’t have access to NHS services or prefer not to use NHS treatments.
Not only am I trained in health care, I’ve developed my skills to include mede-pedicures, pedicures and reflexology. You could say I love feet! I’m fully insured (policies available on request) and qualified to provide foot care. I can also offer advice to people with diabetes to help you look after your feet and, if you fancy a treat, I can provide a luxury pedicure or reflexology treatment.
I come to your home, working Thursdays and alternate Fridays and in the evenings at a time that suits you. So, if you’re experiencing problems with your feet, get in touch.
If you have foot problems, you’re not alone. A report by Age Concern estimates that over 58% of people over 65 have minor problems with their feet. It then goes on to highlight that access to foot care on the NHS is being restricted to those patients who are ‘at risk’ or have serious foot care issues. As a professional Foot Care practitioner, I am here to provide treatments for those who do not qualify for NHS treatment. In fact, I’ve been providing foot care for the past 11 number of years.

How Might You Benefit From Professional Foot Care?

I don’t need to tell you how having painful feet can affect your quality of life. There’s nothing like trying to walk when your feet are killing you. But, did you know there is a way to reduce this pain and prevent it from coming back? By having regular treatments for corns, calluses and hard skin, we can work together to reduce the pain initially and ideally stop the pain returning and by keeping your toenails at the deal length, we can ensure that shoes don’t rub and your nails don’t dig in. Now, you may only need to come every month or so just to keep those nails short and stop the hard skin from becoming a problem. But you may need more regular treatments initially so that we can get your feet back to being healthy.

Whatever your foot care needs, I can help.